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Your energy bills explained

What’s on my bill

All of your charges will be itemised on your bill.  Below is an explanation of our charges:

  • Energy Consumption – This charge pays for the cost of the heat you use. It is measured by the meter(s) in your property. The meter in your property sends a reading of what you have used on a daily basis to our billing system.
  • Standing Charge – This charge pays for the cost of operating and maintaining the entire network. It also covers the cost of our 24/7/365 call out response and the cost to provide full customer service facilities for you. If there is a problem with your supply and the fault is not caused by you, then there will be no additional charges from SSE to attend your property and fix the problem.
  • Capital Replacement Fund – This charge covers the lifecycle replacement costs of the plant and equipment in the energy centre, the heat interface unit and meter in your property.  For more detailed information on your energy charges, please refer to your customer supply agreement.

Your bills explained



Estimated Bills

Why have I received an estimated bill?

The meter(s) in your home are read by SSE remotely using automatic meter reading technology.  From time to time, we are  unable to pick up a reading from your meter usually due to mobile phone or broadband network availability.  You should always check your reading against your meter to make sure it’s aligned to what is on your bill. If there is a big difference, you should contact us to provide your actual meter reading.

How can I provide an actual meter reading?

You can provide your actual meter reading by contacting us.

Why is it important to check my meter reading?

We calculate your charges based on your meter reading. If we estimate your reading and it’s too high, you may be paying more than you need to. If your reading is too low, you may be underpaying and end up with a large catch up bill when we are next able to read your meter.

Ways to pay

We offer our customers a range of ways to make payment which our listed below.

  • Direct Debit – Our most popular payment method. We can offer you a budget payment plan to spread the cost of your energy on a weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, monthly basis. Or you can pay your bill in full 14 days after the date of the bill (known as a variable direct debit).
  • Standing Order – If you’d prefer to keep control you can set up a standing order with your customer account number as the reference. You’ll need to contact us so we can agree an amount for you to pay.
  • Bank transfer (BACS/CHAPS) – If you’re looking to pay in full, you can transfer the money to our bank account. You’ll need to include your customer account number or invoice number as the reference. Our bank account number is 99295741 and sort code 60-17-21.
  • Pay Online – Register for our online portal at
  • Telephone Payment – Contact our customer service team on 0345 078 3215 to pay by debit or credit card over the phone.
  • Payment card – We can sent you a payment card which you can use at any PayPoint location in the UK. To find your nearest PayPoint, please visit
  • Prepayment – If you would like to budget your energy consumption with a prepayment meter, please contact us on 0345 078 3215.

If you’re struggling to pay it’s important to let us know so we can help arrange a payment plan or method that is suitable for you. Please contact us on 0345 078 315 or via one of our other contact methods. We’re here to help you Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Online Billing

You can register for our online services by visiting When you register for online billing you will automatically opt for paperless billing. We will send your bills and communications to you via email and they will also be accessible via the online portal. If you would prefer to continue to receive paper bills, please contact us.

Price Changes

We will review and change your prices annually, usually effective from the 1st May 2020. For detailed information on how we calculate your prices, please refer to your customer supply agreement or contact us. All new prices will be communicated to you 31 days in advance of any change taking effect.

What happens if I can’t pay my bill?

It’s important to stay in touch if you’re struggling to pay your bill. We can discuss affordable payment plan options, which will take into account your current usage and repayment of any debt you have accrued. This ensures that you don’t get any further into debt.